The May Queen Murders by Sarah Jude book review


The Synopsis

16 year old Ivy and her cousin Heather live in Rowan’s Glen. It is an old town full of superstition and tradition, and Ivy loves every second of it. But when her cousin heather goes missing during a May Day celebration, she discovers just how many secrets the town holds.

The Review

This book should truly be held up and put on a pedestal. I loved the underlying messages that Sarah input. At early age we see first love, the harshness of growing up, losing a best friend and what its like to be an outsider. The book held lots of mystery and felt like like every page delved deeper into this strange little town. The book did kind of remind me of M Night Shamalan’s The Village, but it was well executed. Sarah has a great writing style that is very unique in its own voice. I saw the book got lots of bad reviews, but I loved it. I think the reason for lower reviews is b/c its being held to other standards. However when you look at the book as its own independent thing, it’s amazing! The book truly captivates its reader. Just as you are ready to close the book for a while, something happens in it and you cant put it down. Please try to go into his book blind and don’t let anyone tell you anything about it, b/c the story could easily be ruined. I think everyone should read this book and be surprised with every turn! 4 stars from Sarah! Thanks to Sarah’s publisher for sending me this book in exchange for my honest review.

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