Rising Tide : Dark Innocence by Claudette Melanson book review

Rising Tide

The Synopsis

Lonely, outcast Maura has no friends. While living with her single, distant mother, Caelyn. Maura is considered a freak. She is pale skinned and allergic to sun light. Her fellow classmates only pay her attention when they are bullying her. Maura often spends time wondering about her father, whom had abandoned her at birth. When a mean prank almost kills Maura, a classmate named Ron rushes to her side to rescue her. Ron sticks close to Maura’s side even against her better judgement. It’s at this time that Maura’s body starts going theough bizarre changes. Her mother starts trying to make them move and ignoring Maura’s changes.  Through blood cravings, nightmares, a close persons death, what is Maura to do?

The Review

This book is so captivating. I was pulled in from page one. This story is very unique for a vampire tale. Most YA vampire books have a Twilight insta-love kind of feel to them and this didn’t (thankfully). Its a great coming of age tale that evokes a light hearted read while still being a page turner. I loved the different characters that developed through out the whole story. They really find themselves and learn just who they are and what they’re made of. Even though the characters in this are vampires, I really found them relatable on an emotional level. The writing was flawless and stayed on tract. I liked that there wasn’t any detours or overly explained pages. The romance in this book was very sweet and hopeful. I can’t wait to read book two, to see what Maura does with her new found knowledge.

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