Mirror In The Sky by Aditi Khorana book review


The Synopsis

Tara Krishnan is attending  Brierly, a prep school on scholarship. Her junior is started by NASA discovering that there is a second Earth, one that mirrors ours. This means there is anther Tara, one that could have a better life than what she does. As the discovery of this other Earth unfolds, Tara starts noticing changes in life. First a boy at school finally notices her, then her mom plays hooky from work. And soon the changes become bigger, bending all the light around it.

The Review

First off can we just talk about the cover!?!?! The picture does not do it justice of how beautiful the colors in person are! This YA book was so interesting to read. I loved the unique concept of there being a second Earth. The characters were very real as they each had their own unique voice, passions, prejudices, and own character flaws. I’m glad i went into this book blind because I felt it gave me a better mystery while reading it. The story unfolds beautifully and into this amazing plot. The author did a great job with her world building as you progress through out the book. I wish there had been more detail about this other world, like a back story a bit more, but it didn’t take away from how well the book was done. This book really shows what it’s like for someone to toss everything aside and chase their dreams and go after what they really want. I don’t want to give away too much about this book as I aid I think it’s more enjoyable if you go into it blind. This book gets 4 stars from me! I cant wait to see what else this author writes! Thank you Aditi for sending me this book in exchange for my honest review!

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