Girl In Pieces by Kathleen Glasgow book review


The Synopsis

Charlotte Davis is 17. She has already lost so many people. Her own mother has nothing for her, she has lost her best friend. The only thing she has learned is pain. That and the fact that the glass of a mason jar cuts deep. Even though she is hardened with scars, everything still hurts. She has stopped caring about everything, but will it be enough to bring her back from the edge?

The Review

Let me start off by saying WOW! What an emotional read. This literally took my breath as i gripped on to every page wondering if Charlotte could be saved. The author does such a good job of tension build up, that you can not pull yourself out of this story. As someone who has battled depression and self harm, Glasgow grabs this monster and rears its head to show everyone for what it really is. You want so much to help poor Charlotte and to just comfort her. Glasgow wrote this book so beautifully and poetically, that you are entranced into every single word. From every heart wrenching page to the hopeful light we wish to see, this a book for all to read. Every hauntingly beautiful page to the almost to surreal raw moments, give this book a chance! You will not be disappointed. Thank you Kathleen for sending me this beauty in exchange for my honest review. A million infinite stars from me!

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