Eternal Darkness by J.F Johns book review

eternal darkness

The Synopsis

Scarlet Lock is in a world that is divided between humans and cyborgs. She is neither. She was created to kill on her command. But she has awakened in a government facility with no memory. The world she awakens to is a cruel and dangerous place, where torturous experiment are performed. With help from a group of cyborgs she will uncover the truth and set forth to create a better world. Although it wont be easy.

The Review

The dystopian future setting is wonderfully written. Every character in this book pulls you in and make you feel as though they were real, whether they were cyborg or not. I right away fell in love with Eric, from is character down to his romantic lines. Sam was sweet and charismatic. I had a real love hate for one character in particular…. I’ll leave it for you to decide whom I’m talking about. The book was fast paced and the plot is simply brilliant. The ending was a cliffhanger and I’m dying to know what happens next. Everything about this book was so unique! I just WOW, I can’t say enough good things. I’m trying super hard to just give a basic review and not giveaway too much of this book, because I really want  people to go out and read this. 5 stars from me.! Thank you to the author for sending me this book in exchange for my honest review.

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