Because I Love You by Tori Rigby book review


The Synopsis

16 year old Andie Hamilton finds out she’s pregnant after losing her virginity to her best friend. Her friends turn against her and treat her like dirt, the guy she thought was her friend, doesn’t care, and she’s facing being alone. it’s then that she turns to ex-boyfriend Neil Donaghue. With him she finds the comfort she so longs for. But when a tragedy strokes, she finds out long hidden secrets between them. Will she have her baby and keep him, or will she give him up? And with Neil can she find what her heart truly desires?

The Review

This sweet heartfelt book is a true gem. The character is this book truly goes through the hardship of teenage pregnancy and what it is like being a high-schooler. i really enjoyed the character development throughout the whole book. You see poor Andie suffer so much for a decision, and you see how she grows into that decision and learns to stand on her own. The book accurately portrays many relevant themes throughout, such as the young pregnancy and the emotions and ridicule that come with it. The story runs so deep. The fluidity of the writer is graceful and smooth, that you feel you are in the book. This book is definitely one to read and is a little reminiscent of John Green mixed with a bit of Lifetime! 5 stars from me. And thank you to Tori’s publisher for sending me this book in exchange for my honest review.

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