Backstage by Jacqueline E Smith book review


The Synopsis

In this follow up to Boy Band, Melissa has just turned 21. She’s still best friends with the band, except now she’s finally dating Sam!!! However, she is forced to keep their relationship a secret. Can the relationship survive all the lies, manipulation, and secrets? Or will it face the ultimate heartache?

The Review

Okay, so this book outshines book 1!!!! I feel that you should read book 1 before this one but it does make enough sense to where it could be a standalone. The writing style is even more exquisite! And thankfully there will be a book 3, bc i cant get enough of Sam (can i just say yummm). The love triangle element was perfect and was beautifully written. For a YA book, i’m glad Smith kept it clean. I think that it was perfect with the amount of romance and was not over the top. It was believably done in a intriguing manner. The fact there was lyrics at the begging of every chapter brought me in even deeper into the story. This series is definitely shaping up to be one of my favorites! I’d also love to see it as a mini t.v show (giving producers don’t ruin the book by changing things). Thank you again Jacqueline for sending me book 2 in exchange for my honest review. (p.s- i need book 3 asap……. :D)

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