Asleep by Krystal Wade book review


The Synopsis

Rose Briar has been sent to imprisonment in an insane asylum. She wants to escape, that is until terrifying nightmares haunt her and she questions her own sanity. When she reaches out to her doctor, she finds comfort in ways she never has. It’s then that Phillip ( a fellow patient) shows up and tells her the doctor is evil and they must escape. Will Rose escape with Phillip or will she trust the doctors? And does she really belong in the asylum or is not as crazy as she thinks.

The Review

First I want to talk about the cover! Omg what a kick a** cover! It immediately drew me in. Second, omg what a mind bender. I am still retracing every single thought about this book. Wade writes in such a way that you are not sure if the character is crazy or you as the reader are. In a reminiscent style of gone girl, you will be second guessing everything you know, or think you know. You are asking if she is dreaming, or awake or which is which. Let me be clear though that the book is no confusing in a and way. You get whats going on but you’re not sure what state the character is in.  The writing is very smooth and flows fluidly. The author gives wonderful descriptions that are not too overly explained. The imagination is this book is so well done you will be up at night with cold chills while reading. The characters are so well written that you can clearly see them in your minds eye. This book is truly amazing and should be read by all! 5 stars from me! And thank you Krystal for sending me this book in exchange for my honest review.

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