Stealer by A.M Yates book review


The Synopsis

Dee returns home on spring break. She tries to free herself from thoughts of her failing grades, her lack of friends, and other problems. However, when Dee tries to run a thief out of her house she lands herself in another world, called the Crescent. In the Crescent, everyday objects posses extraordinary power. In this world Dee accidently screws up the high ministers plans for a better future. Now, she finds herself being chased by masked hunters and no way out of this world.

The Review

Fast paced and action packed, this book will have you by the edge of your seat. Both worlds in the book are well written and believable. I loved seeing how Dee’s character developed throughout the book. I think you see her grow up a lot and come into her own. I also loved the romance triangle. Dee, Verge, and Hunter were so interesting and brilliantly complex. I would however love to see a second book that focuses more on the guys and their past. I also loved all the pop culture references she put into this book. It made it fun to read! The book started out a tad confusing as you were thrown into the world of the Crescent but it picked up quick enough! 4 starts from me for this one! Thanks for sending me this book in exchange for my honest review.

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