Minor Gods by A.M Yates book review

Minor Gods

The Synopsis

Josie Day spends her time training to lead the Core ( summoners who wear ancient masks to summon the powers of the Gods). When Josie’s mother is murdered by a Goddess, the power that should be hers, passes to her younger sister. Josie’s sister doesn’t even want the powers. Her sister just wants a normal teenage life. When the Goddess returns, she brings with her a new war. Its up to Josie and a fire God to save them all.

The Review

Lets start off by saying how much I loved the main character Josie! She was so hardcore! Her character truly develops into something more. She goes from this bad ass, controlling girl to someone even better. Regardless of this being a fantasy type book, the characters and their interactions seemed so real. Some of the characters you develop a real love/ hate for, but in a good way. The premise of the book was wonderful as well. It was set in everyday life but hidden from average humans. The quality of the writing was wonderful as well. While I loved her other book Stealer, this one captivated me even more. I was blown away by how sucked into the world of this book I became. This was such a unique YA novel. Truly a one of its kind. If you like Percy Jackson types of elements this is for you! 5 stars from me! Thank you A.M for sending me this book in exchange for my honest review.

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