Kalifus Rising by Alane Adams book review

Kalifus Rising

The Synopsis

This sequel follows directly after book 1. Sam has been imprisoned and is under enchantments by the witches. He is being brought up to be their most powerful weapon. His only hope lies within his friends. One is traveling in search of a magical pearl, one in search of an artifact in the underworld, while the other prepares for battle. Meanwhile certain forces that could make or break Sam. Read to find out if he can overcome the evil or if he lets his dark half consume him.

The Review

Alane Adams triumphs again in this sequel. Her imaginative writing is beautiful. I was captured by every word. This page turner was one of the best written sequels I’ve ever read. I loved all the mini lessons she in puts into book two for the people reading it. She took book 1 and retuned with an even better sequel. I loved the character development and how real the emotions were in this book. Her mythology usage is brilliantly captivating. Her dialogue usage is great and I think that especially for a middle grade read that its very developed. As someone who went to college for literary classes, I found it very well written. Thank you Alane for keeping this magical world going. I cant wait to read more. 5 stars from me for this sequel! I received this book in exchange for my honest review.

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