Nashville By Heart by: Tina Ann Forkner book review

nashville by heart

The synopsis

Small town girl Gillian Heart goes to Nashville in hopes of making it big. When she meets record label producer Will Adams, she is instantly attracted. However Will has a reputation for breaking hearts. Gillian tries to change his bad boy ways. however Will is hesitant to mix business and pleasure due to him being burned before. Can Will change his ways and will Gillian pick her music over Will? Read the book to find out.

The review

I loved the realism of this book. Being said that the characters and story line felt very real. This book warms the heart! I loved the writing style as it flowed smoothly. The writer did a good job of spinning a beautiful romance that didn’t feel forced. i also loved how the story changed views between Will and Gillian. The characters started out a little 1 dimensional but definitely developed as the book went on. While this type of story may seem over done, i encourage people to read it as it does have its own unique voice. 4 stars from me! Thank you Velvet Morning Press and LibraryThing for letting me read this in exchange for honest review.

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