For Hire by: Erin Huss book review

for hire

The synopsis

Our leading lady Cambria single mom and barista, loses her job when her boss retires and sells the business for a wad of cash and a sports car. From unnerving interviews to a small job as a kids birthday entertainer Cambria cant win for losing. Meanwhile, Joyce an elderly apartment manager is tired and fed up with her job. From breaking up fights to trying to chase down rent, she dreams of leaving. Cambria and Joyce learn that sometimes the grass is indeed greener on the other side, and sometimes not.

The review

For a relatively short book, I found this quite heartfelt. This is definitely a good standalone read. From what I’ve seen this will be part a a larger series and so far each one I’ve read can be read as a standalone, although I feel they will reference past characters, etc. This is a super cute small novel leading up to For Rent. I love how Erin lead up to her second book in such a cute and heartfelt way. These are definitely  cozy read novels and I loved curling up to it with my cup of coffee on a rainy day. So far from the novels I’ve read, I have loved each character and what they brought to the table. Each one brings you so many different emotions. The plot was exquisite for a cozy read and the writing was captivating! I cant wait to see what else Erin brings us in this series. 4 stars from me! Thank you Erin Huss and LibraryThing for this lovely read.

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