And Never Let Her Go by: Nancy Glynn book review

never let her go

The synopsis

The story follows Erin and Slade who knew each other in the past, but under different circumstances. Erin used to date Slades brother but broke his heart. Erin used to really love Slade but they couldn’t be together due to her dating his brother. Erin couldn’t bring herself to be with a man whose brother she loved so she broke it off. Now years later she is living in the city mastering her photography skills. Slade has just been discharged form the Marines and has come home from Afghanistan. Soon tragedy strikes and Slades brother is found dead in his car. Among the possessions in the car are two letters, one to his wife, and one to Erin. Slade tracks Erin down to give her the letter, but their old flame ignites . Will this letter bring them together or tear them apart? Read the book to find out!

The review

I particularly didn’t care for the cover to this. I felt it looked kind of bland and the colors felt dull. I thought that the couple was beautiful and i loved their pose for the cover but I would have liked to seen it used a little better. I did like the central plot idea to this and thought it was sweet. The book did a good job as a contemporary romance. There were lots of surprises and plot twists that were unexpected. The writing was beautiful and read very light. It didn’t seem to feel like it dragged at all. The writer does a good job of painting a vivid picture of all scenes, and nothing felt over exaggerated or forced. The characters were well written and definitely develop as the book progresses. You see how beautifully flawed Erin is and how damaged and loving Slade is. Each one is is vividly enchanting. This book gets 4 stars from me! Thank you Nancy Glynn and LibraryThing for this book in exchange for my honest review.

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