Wild Reckless by: Ginger Scott book review

wild reckless

The synopsis

The story follows Kensington Worth as she is trying to finish her senior year at her posh high school. All Kensington wants to do is finish out her last year with her best friends and perfect her piano audition for music school. It’s then by fate that Kensington finds herself moved to a small town and resenting her parents. From day one her neighbor Owen Harper and all his bad boy charm has it out for her. He starts trying to ruin her life even further but yet Kensington seems to be falling for him and his wild reckless behavior.

The review

This book pulls you in from page one and refuses to let go till the last word. I am officially a fan of Ginger Scott. This is the second book I’ve read by her and I love them! This book pulled at all of my heart strings and I was completely enamored with every page. The characters are so beautiful and you can’t help but fall for Owen. She touches on so many emotional topics. From addiction, mental illness, and suicide to infidelity, she does such an amazing job of showing you these topics for every painful truth. The romance is written so beautifully raw. The plot was dark and heavy and full of angst and yet still so hauntingly beautiful.I have never felt so many emotions from one book and I loved every second of it! 5 stars from me on this one!

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