The Deadbringer by: E.M Markoff book review

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The synopsis

This novel follows 15 year old Kira Vidal, one of the last deadbringers. A deadbringer basically being a re-animator and having the ability to summon souls.  Deadbringers are supposed to have been wiped out, making Kira the sole survivor. Kira has lived peacefully and in secrecy with his uncle, until one day a strange man shows up asking for his help. Kira reluctantly agrees, only to keep his uncle safe. Will Kira learn who and what he really is? Will he finally test the limit of his powers? And who is this strange man exactly?

The review

There was so little i disliked about this book but the ones i should mention are as follows. one being i felt the cover did not do this book justice and that this book deserves a more beautiful and captivating cover. I am not one to judge a book by its cover,  but i would like to see a better one just so it grabs other peoples attention because I did so much love this book. Another thing I disliked was it took me about 80 pages or so to grab my attention. I wish that maybe it had a more captivating opening. However after those first few pages I was fully captivated. Now for the good. The writing in this was so, so eloquent. Markoff can really write! Even in the slow parts, the writing was so amazing. I loved the central plot idea for this book, because it is so different. The scenes in this book were so vivid and helps to bring a wonderful and clear picture to mind. I loved the character development and how each character brings something different from the table. I also loved the different banter between the characters. The characters are not supposed to talk like normal people and I loved reading their conversations. For a debut novel this is brilliant and unique! 4 stars from. Would have been 5 had I liked the opening a bit more. Thank you NetGalley for sending me this book in exchange for my honest review.

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