The Assassin Game by: Kirsty McKay book review

assassin game

The synopsis

This story follows Cate who is currently attending an elite boarding school. While dying to fit in, she is invited to try out to join an elite circle of fellow classmates who are in a club called “The Assassins Guild”. In each game a “killer” is selected to put his fellow guild members in dangerous “murder” scenarios. While the “killer” is kept anonymous, The res of the members must try to figure out who he or she is before they “die” to win the game. Simple enough, right? Wrong. When real bodies start turning up, it’s up to Cate to figure out who the real killer is before her academy is shut down and to save the day.

The review

While I found the plot intriguing and the cover intriguing as well, the book failed to live up to my expectations. While it seemed the plot would be a rehash of something already done, it does do it in a unique way. Unfortunately I had several issues with the book. One being that the setting is supposed to be for super rich, genius kids. The pranks in which they “execute” each other seemed as though they should have belonged to an average teen. Example being “killing” someone with a balloon filled with red paint. The execution of these supposed genius kids didn’t seem quite fitting. Another being I was surprised at how much offensive material was in this book. I don’t mean offensive as in sexual etc bu offensive as in rude remarks about people with OCD and making fun of it, forcing girls to kiss guys and then making them feel good about it. How about NO! And that’s not even the half of it. I had such a hard time finishing this book. And judging from what others have said, I have not been alone in this thought. I would love to give this book more than 1 star but I can’t for reasons listed above. I received this book in exchange for my honest review from NetGalley.

If you still want to check the book out you can buy it on:



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