Once Upon A University by Savannah Ostler book review

Once upon a university

The synopsis

Our girl Albany is back and has just graduated Happily Ever After high. She now has a fairy godmother, a knight in shining armor and an eccentric grandmother. She thinks she has it all. Freshman year starts out wonderful, however a chain of events Albany’s life is send downward spiral. She now has to make a choice, and risk losing it all.

The review

This is the second book in the series and while I personally feel you could read it without having read book one, i don’t recommend skipping it. Book two I feel is even better. I loved this continuation. The story line was still pleasant and I was still fully engaged. I felt there was more of a deeper character development for this book as Albany grows more into herself. I still love this author’s writing and how detailed and vividly she paints a picture. I want to see more in this series, though maybe not Albany’s story. While i feel there could be more, I liked the ending as is. I’d love to see the story maybe from other perspectives surrounding Albany’s story. Most sequels don’t live up to the standard of book one but i was blown away by how much my love for this one surpassed my love of the first one.  Kudos for such a intriguingly beautiful novel! 5 stars from me! Thank you Ravenswood publishing for sending me this book in exchange for my honest review!

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