Murder in the Marais by: Aimee Leduc book review

murder in the marais

The synopsis

Aimee Leduc is a stylish Parisian private investigator. After the late police detectives death (whom is her father) passes away, Aimee takes on a large case. A Jewish man approaches Aimee on behalf of a woman in his synagogue and requests her to solve this decoding case. It’s when Aimee goes to deliver her findings that she discovers the woman dead, and with a swastika carved on her forehead. Aimee is instantly thrown into a web of ancient secrets and war crimes. Will she and her partner Rene solve the case? Read the book to find out.

The review

First off I would like to point out the few small things I liked about this book. I did like the basic plot concept of this book. While I think the nature of the idea was great, the execution was liking. However kudos for the basic idea. Secondly there were some characters I did thoroughly enjoy. The book started out good but lacked in the second half. Unfortunately there was so much i disliked in this book. One being the use of the french language. As someone who has studied only basic french I found many, many errors in spelling and punctuation. Secondly some of the name pronunciations, such as her dog Miles Davis. She tells people is ‘Meelz Davees’. I’m with the vast majority in this opinion where it was just cringe inducing.  Another thing was some the character comparisons. They were almost racist feeling. One of them being the author comparing a thin Jewish man to looking like a concentration camp survivor from old news reels. This just felt so very wrong to me as well as other reviewers from what I’ve seen. Also another problem was the unrealistic plot elements. One being her running across Paris and even rooftops in heels. From what I’ve seen though, the authors writing does improve so I will give book two a chance. 3 stars from me. Thanks NetGalley for sending me this book in exchange for my honest review.

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