How We Deal With Gravity by: Ginger Scott book review

how we deal with gravity

The synopsis

Avery Abbots’s life is falling apart. her son has been diagnosed with autism, her husband has just left her, and her own dreams have fallen apart.Enter her former crush Mason Street. Mason has returned home after his record label dropped him for being the bad rock n roll party boy. With no where to go Mason stay with Avery and her son. Could this second chance save them both?

The review

I really just fell head over heels for this book. It’s so hard not to love the characters in this book. Mason makes you love him for the bad boy he is/was. His character is beautifully written. Although he is supposed to be this bad boy, troubled rock star, he has a heart of gold. And Avery is so sweet, and strong. Their development and relationship build was perfect. Max makes you love him from word one. Such a sweet charming boy, that you can’t help but love. The story is so unique and tender. The struggle of being a single parent was brilliantly captured. It was brilliant for a small town romance that wasn’t done over the top. Also I love this beautiful cover! 4 stars from me!

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