Happily Ever After High School by: Savannah Ostler book review

happily ever after high school

The synopsis

All 17 year old Albany French wants to do is to find her happily ever after. But attending an overcrowded high school is not going to get her there. When an untimely tragedy strikes Albany seeks solace with her eccentric grandmother who transfers her to a new school. however Happily Ever After high is not your typical school. It has many different magical and fairy tale students! As Albany finds out who she really is and finds love for the first time, she also discovers she is part of a special prophecy!

The review

Oh my Gatsby!! I can NOT say enough good things about this book. I was blown away! I loved our main character and how she witty, determined, independent and most of all her sarcasm. her monologue made me laugh till it hurt. The plot was wonderful and the detail were entertaining! I loved Ben and can’t wait to see more of him in Once Upon a University. This book made me feel like a kid again where mythological creatures lived, and Disney princesses existed! There was so much imagination to every word and the writer captivated you by a magical realism.I loved how fairy tale characters were given twists to their well know origins. Brilliant book and I recommend it to everyone! 5 stars and lots of praises from me! Thank you Ravenswood publishing for sending me this lovely read in exchange for my honest review!

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