The Haunted Stepsister by Medeia Sharif book review

haunted stepsister

The synopsis

Jesenya Moradi and step sister Kammy are in the sixth grade and it isn’t easy. After an incident at school Jesenya accidentally ruins Kammy’s reputation. Now she is fighting everything to get her stepsister to forgive her. One day the the girls go into an allegedly haunted bathroom and their lives are forever changed. Jesenya now believes her stepsister is haunted.Now this demon possessing her stepsister is fixated on making her confess what she did to her. Jesenya enlists help of Imam to help save her stepsister. Will she save her stepsister? Will she confess what really happened to ruin her stepsisters reputation? Read the book to find out!

The review

First off, I loved the underlying themes in this book. From the blend of cultures, to mixed families, bullying, rivalry, and to dealing with divorce this book does a beautiful job of describing it. This book has lots of suspense and many twists. I loved the tenacity of some of the characters. There were lots of laughs and many page turning moments, dying to know what would happen. This is a great middle grade book to read and i think would be good for all to read, only if not just for the tones and the values that can be picked up. The scenes are very vividly written and you can picture them in your head. Great development for characters. Wonderful plot and id love to see more by this author. Rating for a middle grade read 5 stars! I received this book from NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.

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