Detached by Christina Kilbourne book review


The synopsis

Ever since Anna has been a little girl, she’s been an amazing artist. However, she’s not like other kids. It’s when her grandparents die in a unexpected accident that Anna becomes completely detached. She starts to ponder death and starts to give up on her art.

When Anna overdoses on pain killers, it’s then that the doctors notice how much she has given up. They try to help her but it’s only in her hitting rock bottom that she is able to consider turning back to normal. Will Anna escape her depression? Will she get better, or will she finally give up all hope? Read the book to find out.

The review

In the beginning of this book the author Christina said this is the book she never wanted to write. She said that she only decided to write after being approached by a mother whose teenage son had committed suicide. It was then that she felt more compelled to write it. I personally connected with this book on so many levels. The book is told from several perspectives, Anna’s, her mom, and her best friend.  The author Christina really did an eye opener for showing depression for what it’s really for. However one thing that hoe for me was, as someone who battles depression, i noticed the parents really never noticed.  I battled depression a lot as a teenager and my mom never once noticed/ nor did anything. I think it may be due to not knowing what/how to do anything to fix their “baby”. Through lies and isolation Anna lets herself downward spiral more and more. Through lots of beautiful words and eloquent writing, Christina does a beautiful job. This book is definitely one to be on everyone’s list. 5 stars from me Christina.

You can buy this book on:

Amazon Sept 6

Barnes&Noble Sept 6




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