The Way Home by Linda Oaks book review

way home

The synopsis

Due to a sad and tragic accident our leading man, Nate Lucas loses his wife and unborn child. Nate consumed with grief and pain promises to never return to the place that made his heart stop and freeze over. However life doesn’t always work the way you want. Brought back by business circumstances, Nate returns that small town and all the gossiping that comes with it. Nate then meets Miley and her daughter Sierra. He vows to protect them from a certain trouble. Will Miley and Sierra melt the ice around his heart? Will he save them and possibly himself? Read the book to find out!

The Review

First of all I love that even though this IS part of a series I can read it as a standalone. Id love to read more of her books to see the other characters. Linda’s writing is beautiful and so heartfelt. I fell in love with her characters and would love to see more. You can tell Linda threw her heart into this story. You feel all the emotions with the characters: heartache, romance, caring, and more. Linda delivers a superb story and tells it well. I loved how we see things in Nate’s pov, and would love to see an anthology or something maybe from other characters pov. The writing flowed smoothly and freely and hooked me from page one to the last word! Cant wait to see what Linda writes next!!! 5 out of 5 stars

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