Find Me In Heaven by Kris Johnston book review

find me in heaven

The synopsis

The story that Kris brings us, shows us that there is love after death. The story follows Violet, a shy, red haired, freckled girl that hides and Xander, a handsome business driven man. The two meet online and fall into a whirlwind romance. Their relationship is however cut short when they both meet and die in a tragic accident. When they both awake in Heaven they are separated and face many obstacles. Can their guardian angels help them find one another? And will love conquer all? Read the book to find out!

The review

This book is so beautiful. You will want a box of tissues though when you read it! The characters are so beautiful and charming, you will fall in love with all of them! You will be swept away by this timeless, innocent romance. The book gives hope for all readers that even in death love will conquer all. This is a fresh perspective into romance and i thoroughly enjoyed every word. From Violet’s introverted shyness, to Xander’s charming, driven ways this book will captivate  you in a beautiful way giving you a hopeful feeling and wanting more of this beautiful story. 4 out of 5 stars!

You can buy this book:

Amazon (free for KU)



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