Edge of Chaos by Molly Lee book review

edge of chaos

The synopsis

The story follows Blake Caster a woman emotionally abused by Justin. The only thing she has left of her is her love for storm chasing. Its three years into her storm class that she meets daring and handsome, Dash Lexington. They both share a love for the same extreme weather. Passions ignite in this daring book by Molly. Can Dash save Blake from Justin and all the emotional abuse? Can Blake walk away from Justin? And will she save Dash from the impeding storm? Read the book to find out!

The review

The emotional abuse in this book is all to real. As someone who has been in that type of relationship, Molly sure knows how to write about it and show it for what it is. Molly blends an intense parallel them between the tornado and Blake’s emotions. I loved all the symbolism Molly put into this book. It is so well written! This is the second book of hers I have read and I have loved them both. I fell head over heels for Dash and their scenes together were so intense! Such a beautiful and powerful connection, you cant help but be pulled in! 5 stars! Thank you Molly for such beautiful writing!!!!

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