East of Redemption by Molly E. Lee book review

East of Redemption

The synopsis

Years ago due to Rain Walkers, fathers death, her and Easton Wells split up. Now its years later and Easton’s producers have threatened to cancel his treasure hunting t.v show. Meanwhile Rain has made a name for herself and has her own show, documenting wild and endangered animals. Easton has one last show. That is to film a treasure hunt where Rain’s father disappeared. Easton calls her up and invites her to come with him. Rain still full of heartache and regret from their relationship, hesitantly agrees. She needs to know what really happened to her father. They’re given two weeks to locate treasure that’s been lost for centuries. Can in two weeks they find the treasure, rekindle an old flame, and find out what happened to Rain’s father? Read the book to find out!!

The review

Let me start off by saying, growing up as a kid i always wanted to be Lara Croft mixed with Indiana Jones and this book gives me that since of adventure mixed with a dash of romance. The romance in this book is perfect! I loved the leading couple. The characters were written so beautifully and so detailed. The romance was so complicated but so perfect! You really feel like you’re on an adventure with this book! I loved the story idea and would love to see more!  Molly Lee sure can write! From the tears and smile to the adventure this book gave me I was in love from page one! 5 stars for this book!!!!

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