Dissension by Adrienne Monson book review


The synopsis

The story follows Leisha who over 2,000 years ago used to be a loving mother and have the perfect family. But that was long ago. She now focuses on escaping the ever growing war between her fellow Vampires and The Immortals. Soon she is captured by the government. When a young woman rescues her, they both go on the run in search of the prophecy child whom can save them all.

The review

For a vampire book, this was great! I’m a lover of the dark and mythological creatures (i.e vampires, shifters, etc) and this was well done! A lot of twists were thrown in and the book kept me captivated by Adrienne’s writing. Characters were well developed and the central plot idea played out well. Adrienne’s imagination was well played out for all characters and the plot. However i did find the book  moved a little slow in the first half, it picked up later and I could not put it down. The only other thing I found were grammatical errors in the passive voice and ambiguous sentences. However I felt this could be placed more on the editor than Adrienne herself. Still a 4 star read and i think everyone should give it a chance.

you can buy the book here:


Barnes and Noble


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