Bishops War Book Review


I could not put this book down! The further I read the more I raced to finish it! As most people know I love all books John Grisham and nobody has ever compared to his greatness. However in this book I found that the author Rafael Hines did so well, I almost preferred his writing over Grishams!!. Political Corruption? Check! Family crime syndicate? Check! Fast paced read with lots of twists and turns? Check! The plot was so intriguing and unlike most books I’ve read before. In this book we follow Special Forces Sergeant John Bishop, who is a decorated war hero retuning home. John comes back hoping for a quiet life, but gets thrown into battling against Afghan warlords, terrorist operatives, and someone who has powerful connections in the White House. Life is anything but quiet for this hero (oh and did i mention his uncle is a major crime boss?). The scenes in this book are so vivid and so detailed that you feel as though you are there. Hines knows hows to write! This book will have you gripping the edge of your seat with suspense and staying up late at night to continue reading just to figure out what happens to John. Although i must note that before i read this book i checked out other reviewers singing his praises and comparing him to Clancy, Patterson, and Grisham, and with Grisham being one of my favorite authors I was super hesitant of me liking it, but Hines really pulls it off!!! So, throw in a reminiscent dash of John Grisham, a dash of Tom Clancy and a sprinkle of James Patterson and you have Hines’s book. This man far surpasses some of the greats and I cant wait to see what happens next! Thank you Rafael for letting me read this masterpiece! 5 out of 5 stars.

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