The Breath Of Beasts And Lillies Book Review



Here is the link for a general synopsis of the book.


Harrison Kistler writes a beautiful poignant tale. This book evokes so much depth and emotion from every word. The book itself is very unique as it follows the “beast” aka Jake and his struggles with ongoing depression. Through a beautiful blend of metaphors you cant help but hang on to every word and page. I don’t want to say to much as i feel i would give away this book. Although i must say that as one who battles depression myself i could feel every heart-wrenching moment with Jake. Harrison truly shows depression for what it really is and brings it to light for everyone who doesn’t. He also shows that you can overcome this dark “beast”. I recommend this book to everyone, especially those battling depression and those who know someone that is. There was so much heart, love, and soul poured from his pen into every page. (plus look at how much love and care went into the packaging) This book is definitely a 5 out of 5 stars!! Thank you Harrison for such a beautiful book that brought me tears, both happy and sad, and all the smiles and laughter with it!

You can buy this book on Amazon (free for KU).



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