Treacherous Shadows by Jennifer Parr review


Alright so here goes….

First off Thank you Jennifer for sending me this pdf in exchange for my review your’re the best!!!

So as usual you all know i give a basic synopsis of the book first and then what i thought:

This is the one here from goodreads so as i dont spoil anything lol

Sixteen-year-old Aeria Morgan knows her life will be short. Since the Darkness fell two hundred years ago, brevity has staked its claim, especially on the childless. Aeria will die if she does not find love, and soon. But she and her Dviinu brother, Aeron, are outcasts, set apart from the rest of Avalon Valley because of their sordid family history and mysterious conception, and so Aeria has resigned herself to a loveless fate. It isn’t until Aeria meets village newcomer Lyam Trey that she learns that love is worth hoping for after all. As trouble mounts, can Aeria hold tight to what she’s found, or will she lose everything she thought she’d never have?

And now for some thoughts and other tidbits……

Okay so its very very VERY rare (as in never) that i find a book that i love so much, that after receiving a free pdf copy i email the author and buy an actual physical copy. This should tell you everything you need to know now. The book is so great it is worth it that much!!

This book is a definite 10 out of 5 stars read. I mean honestly I’ve read upwards of 100 books so far this year and this one is probably number 1 on my list at the moment. Jennifer immerses you immediately in a breath taking world surrounded by such amazingly written characters. This book takes you from page one and keeps hooked till the last word. She is so descriptive with her writing, you feel like you are there with Aeria, Lyam, and Aeron. You feel every emotion with them. From the acceptance and love down to the soul shattering, earth spinning romance and back to the gut wrenching heartbreak. I could not put this book down! (It was so good that at work i would read small chapters at a time). Normally i’m not a fan of insta love in YA books but boy does she make it work! This book is so unique and different! However book 2 can not come quick enough! I need to know what happens!!!! If you’re a fan of fantasy, YA, love, books about acceptance and over coming fears, then this book is for you! Well actually this book is for anyone… Seriously everyone should read this book! If you like to know more you can check out Jennifers IG page

You can also buy the book here:



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And a special note to Jennifer:

Thank you so so much for letting me read your beautiful book! This has meant so much to me and I have loved being able to immerse myself in such a beautifully written world!!



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