Bookcase Club Unboxing Apr 2016 Teenage Dreams


This is the unboxing for their “Teenage Dreams” box, which is also their YA box. First off I am so happy to get this box BC I have heard a lot about Stone Rider from some book tubers and I can not wait to crack it open. I love, love, this company. Bit before I give you all the details about the company, here is a brief synopsis of the books:


And moving on…..

This company is basically amazing. With every book box subscription and recurring subscription, they donate a book to a group who needs them each month. The subscription cost is
$9.99 a mo plus $4 shipping and handling. They mail you two books in the box genre of your choice. So $14.99 for TWO books!!! That’s amazing plus if you consider you’re also donating a book by signing up that’s like THREE books!!!!!!! They do have multiple boxes to choose from. They are:

Teenage Dreams (YA)
Strange Worlds (Sci-fi, Fantasy)
Blind Date (Paranormal Romance)
Thrill Seeker (Mystery, Thriller)
Read To Me ( 4 children’s books)
Booking For Love ( Romance)

So basically you choose which box or boxes you want before the 26th and they ship out on the 1st of each month.

I currently subscribed to two boxes, the Teenage Dreams, and the Strange Worlds case. I will post an unboxing of the other box as soon as it arrives. If your interested in purchasing a subscription you can do so here

Happy reading all and again please give this company a shot!



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