Fade Out Smile Arc review


First off, I received this book for free in exchange for my open and honest review. Thanks Casey for sending me this!!!

I can say that I did honestly love this short book of poems! It’s very abrasive and dark. The poems pull you in and leave you to wonder more about what was left unsaid. While some of them do contain curse words, I feel as though it helps to add to the authors meaning and abrasiveness. If curse words aren’t for you, then maybe this poetry book isn’t for you. I on the other hand, absolutely loved it! There is so much said and felt and so much left out between the lines. She is a very talented writer and I would love to read more of her dark and twisted writing style. If you would like to purchase the book you can do so below:



South Haven by Hirsh Sawhney ARC review


First of all let me say that I received this copy on a LibraryThing win, in exchange for my open and honest review.


First of all let me just say how much i love the cover. I hope its the one they keep. You can see the small match on the H of South on the cover and it does tie into the book. How it does I will not say, but lets just say I hope they don’t change it.. Its such a beautiful cover in a simplistic way.


Siddharth is a young boy not quite yet a teenager when his mother passes. His mother passes suddenly without warning and is left with his father and older brother. Siddharth is still at the age where he is very impressionable. He looks up to his father who is angry all the time and constantly talking about how Muslims should die. He doesn’t really get to look up to his brother, because his brother soon leaves for college.

Soon Siddharths school guiadance counselor and her son Marc enter their lives. Marc is a little older than Siddharth. Marc starts setting examples for Siddharth who is so desperate for a friend that he looks up to him. These examples are not the right ones, and soon Siddharth finds himself in a world of being a bully vs being bullied, drugs, drinking, sex, etc. The question we ask though is, can this woman, his guidance counselor save this family, let alone hers? This book as said on the internal flap “South Haven is no simple coming of age tale”.

That quote right there is so dead accurate to describe this book. This book helps us to really look at the impressions we leave upon the youth. It also serves as a reminder of us growing up and all the pain we went through as kids. It also serves as a reminder for grief and how we handle it.

This story was absolutely beautifully written. I found myself unable to stop turning page after page as I immersed myself in this book fully. It is a gripping story from start to finish, as you read hoping that this family will finally come to terms with their loss. A definite 10 stars out of 5 star read. This book is set to be released 5/3/2016. Below are links where you can purchase this book.

Author Website

Also this book is a Summer 2016 pick for B&N

Barnes and Noble


Bookcase Club Unboxing Apr 2016 Teenage Dreams


This is the unboxing for their “Teenage Dreams” box, which is also their YA box. First off I am so happy to get this box BC I have heard a lot about Stone Rider from some book tubers and I can not wait to crack it open. I love, love, this company. Bit before I give you all the details about the company, here is a brief synopsis of the books:


And moving on…..

This company is basically amazing. With every book box subscription and recurring subscription, they donate a book to a group who needs them each month. The subscription cost is
$9.99 a mo plus $4 shipping and handling. They mail you two books in the box genre of your choice. So $14.99 for TWO books!!! That’s amazing plus if you consider you’re also donating a book by signing up that’s like THREE books!!!!!!! They do have multiple boxes to choose from. They are:

Teenage Dreams (YA)
Strange Worlds (Sci-fi, Fantasy)
Blind Date (Paranormal Romance)
Thrill Seeker (Mystery, Thriller)
Read To Me ( 4 children’s books)
Booking For Love ( Romance)

So basically you choose which box or boxes you want before the 26th and they ship out on the 1st of each month.

I currently subscribed to two boxes, the Teenage Dreams, and the Strange Worlds case. I will post an unboxing of the other box as soon as it arrives. If your interested in purchasing a subscription you can do so here


Happy reading all and again please give this company a shot!


The Invention of Hugo Cabret review


So first of let me say, I am so happy to be out of my reading slump!!! I ended up reading this book in under a day!!

Here’s a brief synopsis of the book


And here is my review

I would have to give this book 4 out 5 stars. I really loved the artwork in the pages first of all. Some of the drawings were beautiful.


As you can see they had that beautiful smoky charcoal/pencil look.

The story was very sweet and moving. It read really quickly, but mostly because of all the pictures it had. And there is an underlying meaning to the book having so many pictures but you will have to read it to pick up why. The main character Hugo I absolutely fell in love with. He is such a dreamer! The old man that runs the you shop (while a little insane to some) is so mysterious and is such a moving character. This book is great because it teaches you to never give up and live your dreams. This book did also have such a great cast of supporting characters as well. The book was beautifully written and drawn and I can’t wait to see what’s next! A defn recommend for all ages!