The school for good and evil book review


Two best friends, Agatha and Sophie discover where all the missing children from their hometown go. They get taken to the school for good and evil. At this school the children are trained to be either villains or heroes, with some becoming plants or other various things. While being accidentally separated into good or evil, beautiful princess like Sophie gets stuck in the evil school, while  outcast, loner, smelly Agatha gets accidentally stuck in the school for good. Both girls try to switch schools back, while learning in the midst of it all who they truly are.


This book is so so so so cute. It is a middle grade read, but defn worth it. The author plans to make these into movies I believe, so read them soon. This is part of a trilogy and have yet to read the other two, but I will ASAP.  The characters in this book are very comical and you can see the ending a mile away but it is still an enjoyable read.  I would’ve posted yesterday but this book took me  two days to read. I would still probably give this book 4 out 5 stars. Although in some parts it didn’t flow good and felt jumpy almost like someone accidentally hit fast forward for 2 seconds. And you’re kind of like wait… What… But still super super good. ❤


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