The Serpent King by Jeff Zentner book review


This story follows a boy named Dill and his two best friends, Travis and Lydia.

In a small, rural Tennessee town Dill’s snake handling Pentecostal father has been sentenced to jail for a unholy crime. (Read to find out what) Leaving him and his mom to foot all the bills. We follow this group of friends in their last summer together before college. Dill is an aspiring musician, Lydia, an out spoken, edgy fashion blog writer, and Travis who is well just Travis, content with being him and not caring what others think. Through this summer together they learn about love, loss, hard small time life and dreaming of more.

So here’s what I thought…

I’d give this ya contemporary novel a 4 out of 5 stars. For this to be a debut novel for the author, it was such an amazing book. The book shook me to my core and connected with me on an emotional level. The book alternates between the 3 characters points of view, which is nice. The writing was fantastic. I did cry in some parts and wanted to yell for some characters because of how easily you connect with each one.  This book really is for the dreamers, the lost, the ones doubting their faith, and the ones who want more than a small town life. I hope to see more coming from this author.


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