The Poison Study book review


The Poison Study by Maria V. Snyder is  a fantasy book that was released in October 2005. ( Don’t know why I haven’t heard of this book sooner). We follow a girl named Yelena whom is about to be executed for murder. When she arrives from prison to the chief of security’s office she is offered a reprieve in exchange for becoming the Kings food taster. (I.e – the one who tastes all the Kings food and wine before it’s served to see if it has been poisoned) However the taster gets special privileges to roam the castle and nice clothes etc. The Chief of security (Valek) is not a fool and realizes the possibility of her trying to escape. He purposely poisons our dear Yelena with butterfly dust that will kill her in two days if she does not re appear to him each day for the antidote. As if her new found out of control magical powers weren’t enough she must face the possibility of her death each day.

Okay so here’s what I thought….

First of all LOVE LOVE LOVE this book definitely 4 out of 5 stars. The book has so much detail. The author is so descriptive and you feel as if you were right in the story. This book is filled with major plot twists, a couple I saw coming but one major one that’ll have you screaming WHAAAATTTTT. This This book is set in a medieval time period, so you have witches and wizards, and lots of magical elements. This book has so much to it that you won’t regret reading it. I read it all in one day, flipping page after page after page. I definitely recommend this book however maybe for an older bunch because it does deal with some harsh elements. ( so sorry to my younger teens this book may not be for you)


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